Therapy Dog Program

A major part of our community involvement will be the Therapy Dog Program. When considering how to best use our skills and knowledge to make a difference in people’s lives, there’s nothing greater than giving support to those who are ill, hurt, recovering from a tragedy, lonely or facing an overwhelming obstacle by providing specially trained Therapy Dogs.

The Therapy Dog Program will consist of volunteers who wish to give their time and attention to those in need. The smile and joy a Therapy Dog will bring to a sick individual, an elderly person who is lonely or a child who doesn’t have friends because he/she isn’t the exact same socially as other children is priceless.

Responsibilities of Volunteers / Handlers:

  • Follow-through on training and advice given by P.A.W. Service Dogs trainer.
  • Full participation in training sessions when requested by trainer.
  • Being dependable by attending events/venues which have been agreed upon to attend.
  • Provide feedback to P.A.W. Service Dogs if training deficiencies develop so that a trainer can help resolve them.
  • Consistent correspondence with the Community Involvement Coordinator when necessary.
  • Request permission from P.A.W. Service Dogs to attend nonscheduled events/venues to perform Therapy Dog duties (this may not always be necessary).
  • Making a Difference.

Therapy Dog Program Sign-Up

Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting new applicants for our Therapy Dog Program. Please follow along on any of our social media channels to receive updates on when we’re able to begin training additional therapy dogs.